Master Suite Systems

A patented master key system ensures key control and regulates different levels of access for staff to different area's of a building, providing a high level of security. A basic master suite example is shown below.

Master Suite graph

Master Key

Opens all doors on any floor in a building, or all blocks on a site

Sub Master key

Opens all doors on one particular floor, or science department only.

Differ/Servant Key

Only opens one particular door, e.g. a classroom.

Keyed Alike

Opens locks on the same differ e.g. toilets only.

Mechanical master key systems

Our master suites are designed specifically to your requirements and provide restricted key sections for the highest security applications.Assa Twin key

We also design master key systems with room for expansion so at a later date if you decide to expand or build a new department or classroom block this can be accomodated for. Our master key systems are flexible in design including euro, oval, scan, rim, padlocks, cams and electrical key switches, which can all be on the same master key system. 

Systems can be built with classroom or clutch function if required. Clutch allows you to still gain access to a room if someone is holding the inside thumbturn. Classroom function thumbturns cannot be locked from the inside. These functions are particularly useful for schools and mental health wards where staff can gain access quickly.

Electro/mechanicalCliq remote

Master key systems on ASSA Cliq allowing you to have control remotely from a click of a button. 24 hour key access control, lost/stolen keys can be emitted from the system easily with no need to replace cylinders or a whole master key system. This also allows audit trails to see who has been entering and exiting your premises.


Kat Cliq GoAccess control at your fingertips, a purely electronic locking system. Manage security anytime, anywhere. Schedule access to your rooms. Give contractors time limited access. As your business grows, you can expand the system without disruption.

We provide quotes on master suite systems. It can sometimes work out cheaper to renew the system, regaining control over all the keys that are not accounted for. Also updating the patent on your system at the same time, your old system could be out of patent allowing copy keys to be cut by anyone, putting the security of your system at risk.

Is your master key system still under patent? Or has it ever had a patent?

Many master suite systems on PFI new builds are on an open profile system, meaning you have no protection over anybody getting a master key cut anywhere. Call for free advice.

We design and build mechanical and electro-mechanical master key systems for schools, hospitals, universities and offices.

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